The Gowanus Wunderkammer People's Archive Program invites everybody to bring in the things they have found in the neighborhood during monthly Open Archiving Hours. We properly catalogue the items, add them to this online archive, and display them for a month* in our Wunderkammer at the Gowanus Souvenir Shop for anybody to come see wit they visit the shop.

The Gowanus Wunderkammer People's Archive Program is creating a history of Gowanus as seen through the objects people have found in the area over the years—along with the stories of where and how they found them.  Since the shop opened, people have been bringing us their Gowanus finds and we have been displaying them as well as objects from the Hall of Gowanus. Through this program we can now document the artifacts and their stories properly and give everybody the opportunity to learn about them both in person at the shop and online. 

Many locals, including representatives from the Old Stone House and the Gowanus Dredgers, brought us artifacts at our first open archiving hours on Saturday, February 17, 2018. We catalogued their items, are are now displaying them in our Wunderkammer for a month* and adding them to this public online archive. 

The Gowanus Wunderkammer People's Archive Program is an extension of the Hall of Gowanus started by Proteus Gowanus, which is now supervised by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy. We have been displaying items from that collection since we opened Gowanus Souvenir Shop over two years ago. 

*The objects are returned after the display month.



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